• Original 16 case, glass and bottle
  • Original 16 cans
  • Original 16 Print Collateral
  • Original 16 On-Premise Collateral

Great Western Brewing Company has an incredible story and Original 16 was born to pay homage to that history.

The brewery was founded in 1989 by 16 employees, who fought to save their jobs when a merger between Carling and Molson threatened to close the plant. They pooled their money, took out second mortgages, and managed to buy the brewery. Many awards and over twenty years later, this new beer is a tribute to the original 16 founders, and the passion and dedication to brewing the best beer possible.

Our goal was to develop a beer brand that would be competitive in the Domestic Premium category and bestow a positive halo effect on all other Great Western brands in the portfolio. The first year volume goal was exceed within the first 6 months of launch and is the best selling Domestic Premium beer in its home market.

Created while working at St. Bernadine