I am passionate about good ideas and beautiful form-following-function design.

Born and raised in Vancouver, I grew up loving art and computers. It was natural that I gravitated towards graphic design as a career, but it was only after attending Capilano College’s IDEA program that I really knew this was the career for me.

Good ideas are puzzles solved in an original way (and I love a good puzzle). Good ideas imitate life – they reveal relatable truths in an insightful way. Really great ideas can inspire life.

As a designer, I’m meticulous about the details without forgetting about the big picture. I get really excited about new briefs with new problems to solve.

I especially love working on branding, packaging, advertising, and making information easy to digest through design, no matter the platform. So satisfying!

My experience working at fast-growing agencies over the last 11 years has given me many opportunities to do a wide variety of work. I love learning and do so quickly.

Life highlights:
• Eating ramen for the first time ever in Japan
• Reading the comments from Evil Spirit’s 30,000 Tumblr reposts
• Going on a six-week Europe tour with a band as the merch girl
• Rock the Bells at the Gorge in 2008 (amazing line up)
• Catching fish as a kid during my summers spent in Newfoundland

I love travelling to see how the typography changes. I love picking up new information. I love wandering places I’ve never been before as much as places I know well. I love nature, this planet, and think the universe is pretty damn cool. I love trying new flavours. I like good music, painting, beating video games (the old ones), creating things with my hands, cards, people-watching, and listening to stories.


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